Global Smarming

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OasisIt’s uncomfortably close to an ad hominem argument, but for the benefit of those who want to hedge their bets on climate catastrophe, we must remark on a conspicuous feature of the global warming crusade: The most passionate advocates of sweeping government action to control Earth’s climate are people who are habitually wrong about everything else.

And just as the administration rolls out its most aggressive climate regulations, the people who are always wrong have been showing up in bunches.

Newly-minted college graduates heard a voice emanating from within the empty suit of Secretary of State John Kerry, lamenting the increase in supposedly human-induced natural disasters which in fact haven’t increased.

Days later, Kerry beclowned himself again, blathering about record high temperatures that were neither records nor exceptionally high.

Then came California’s Governor Moonbeam, blaming wildfires in the current drought on global warming, oblivious to greenhouse theory that says warming means more evaporation leading to more precipitation.

Of course Al Gore—assailed the low character of those who dispute his climate theology.

When these people switched from “global warming” to “climate change,” it was obvious they had no idea what the climate would do but intended to exploit whatever it did. And when they switched from climate change to “climate disruption,” it was obvious they knew their story wasn’t holding up.

So why go on?  Simple: It’s easier than finding honest work.

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