Forgive but don’t forget

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votecountsOver a Wisconsin election that could have nationwide consequences looms this chilling thought:  With less than two weeks to go, most voters may well be thinking the state’s budget is swimming in red ink and job losses run rampant.

Those things are the absolute opposite of reality, but thanks to massive expenditures by outside Leftist organizations and a malicious media committed to ignoring all Walker administration success, the opposite of reality is that with which most voters may be familiar.

For instance, people who have heard gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke’s twisted version of state finances could be forgiven for believing Wisconsin has a $1.8 billion state budget deficit right now, rather than the half-billion dollar cash balance that actually exists.

People who have seen the wall-to-wall television attack ads being run against Walker could be forgiven for thinking Wisconsin unemployment has gotten worse. In reality, even according to the Obama Labor Department, it’s gotten better.  In fact, Wisconsin’s numbers are better than the nation’s as a whole.

People who see the continuous attack ads could be forgiven for thinking education in Wisconsin has suffered brutal funding reductions, instead of receiving the $85 million increase in general school aids actually delivered.

People who have seen Burke’s attack ads could be forgiven for believing Wisconsin is dead last in Midwest job creation.  Even the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel couldn’t bring itself to ignore that lie.

People could be forgiven for thinking all sorts of things that are wrong. The question is, could you forgive yourself if you just forget to share the straight information with some of those people, and Wisconsin voters who have been systematically deceived wind up making Mary Burke their Governor?

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