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jobcreatefuture Young public school teachers filled with enthusiasm for their profession, state pensioners, and property taxpayers statewide have reason to be grateful for the Act 10 collective bargaining reforms introduced four years ago.

The young teachers now get to keep their jobs instead of being laid off to preserve burned-out time-servers, the pensioners can expect their state trust funds to remain solvent, and the property taxpayers save all around.

Those were urgent priorities, optional only if the prospect of a bankrupt state is considered acceptable. Four years later, there’s one more task to complete. This one is optional, but it’s the right thing to do: Extend the same right—the free choice to join or not join a union—to private sector employees.

This week we ran across a pointed reminder why the Act 10 public-sector changes were not a discretionary matter.

But why is it important to extend a right-to-work law to cover employment in the private sector?  Because there is no justification for private sector workers to be subject to the kind of coercion public employee unions have used to manipulate the taxpayers at large. There is no need to allow it, and there is no excuse for government permitting it.

Call it equal protection. You could look it up under “Fourteenth Amendment.” Properly understood as the worker’s right to choose union membership or decline it, the public supports right-to-work. The Legislature should pass it. The Governor should sign it.

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