Exaggerated? Nope.

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unacceptableAttitudes in the Donald Trump campaign sometimes seem reminiscent of fascism—i.e., the tendency toward approval of physical assault against anti-Trump protesters. Conservative commentators we respect have called references to Fascism out of line, noting that many protesters are professional leftists angling to draw a punch and create video images embarrassing to the likely Republican nominee.

Unlike the likely Republican nominee, we try to think about what we say, so we wondered: Did we go over the top in detecting an anti-democratic (note lower-case “d,”) streak in both the candidate and many of his supporters?

We didn’t have to wait long for an answer, which came straight from Mr. Trump, who said on national television, “I think you’d have riots” if he turns up at the GOP convention lacking a majority of delegates and isn’t awarded the nomination anyway, whether he wins it or not.

So no, we haven’t gone over the top. Many Trump supporters seem to begin and end their thinking with the desire for a strongman wielding unbridled power to give them what they want, right away. Ironically, they remain free to make such childish demands, while at the same time our constitutional system is structured, brilliantly, a to make it nearly impossible to meet them.

Something for Trumpniks to ponder: If our governmental architecture allowed for the possibility of them seizing what they want, the Left would have foreclosed the possibility decades ago simply by seizing what it wants.

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