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flatlineThe weekend Wall Street Journal offers an excellent Obamacare tale, impaired only by its headline.  “Don’t Let ObamaCare’s Failures Snowball Into Single Payer,” it says. It should say, “Obamacare succeeds in push toward single payer.”

The Journal being paywalled, we’ll describe the article in detail. Nathan Nascimento of the Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce notes that the “Affordable Care Act” has left “a trail of destruction” in Colorado, where, between the end of 2013 and the end of this year, 615,000 people will have lost health insurance because Obamacare outlawed their policies or their Obamacare provider went belly-up.

In October, 80,000 lost coverage when Colorado HealthOP shut down. This was one of the notorious Obamacare “cooperatives,” designed to fail by attracting membership with lowball premiums, expecting that a government bailout, never legislated but widely presumed, would cover losses—as if a bailout wouldn’t become a takeover.

The advertised purpose of this detestable scam was to provide “affordable” insurance for legions of uninsured people who wanted coverage but couldn’t pay.  Did anyone suggest that, pre-Obamacare, that was the plight of more than eleven percent of Colorado’s population? In any case, Obamacare coming to the rescue has caused 11.4 percent of Coloradans to lose their policies.

And “affordable?” The surviving providers on Colorado’s Obamacare exchange are about to increase premiums on average 11.7 percent, according to state calculations cited in the Journal.

Naturally, chaos means opportunity for Colorado’s energetic Left, which has placed a single-payer proposal called ColoradoCare on the state’s 2016 ballot. It would supplant private insurance with 100-percent government-funded health care: no more premiums, just immensely higher taxes for expenditures expected to double the state’s budget.

Did we say, maybe five years ago, this is exactly how it was intended to work?

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