EPA = Extreme Political Agenda

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dirty_riverFighting back against the Environmental Protection Agency has always been complicated, public relations-wise. Luckily, the EPA is making things easier for its critics.

Last year saw the agency’s malfeasance in turning a couple of Western rivers mustard yellow with toxic mine waste.  This year the agency is in federal court over its plan to regulate most of the U.S. landmass—dry land included—as “waters of the United States.” (Government auditors found separately last month that the EPA violated federal lobbying law by manufacturing fake grassroots support for this empire-building plan.)

And last week brought another personnel problem.

Susan Hedman, with roots in Wisconsin academia, was the administrator of the EPA’s Region V, which includes Wisconsin and Michigan.

But last week the longtime lefty activist was prevailed upon to throw herself under the bus after performing indifferently in addressing—dismissing would be closer—the public health calamity in Flint, Michigan, whose municipal water supply has been unsafe for human consumption since early 2014.

One key message from Hedman’s relative inattention may be that the EPA’s regulatory zeal is activated less by real-time human health concerns than by the Left’s ideological agenda, pursued to the extent possible away from the regulated public’s prying eyes.

The EPA has been a rat’s nest of the email abuse—ranking officials using aliases and private accounts to conceal public business—that’s ensnared numerous agency personnel less famous than the ex-secretary of state. One even skipped the country when investigators closed in on his surreptitious email plotting to sabotage an application for mining permits.

Hillary Clinton probably ought to do time for her contemptuous handling of secret intelligence, but in a broader sense it’s already proven that far from being a unique offender, she is absolutely typical of government-in-secret, Obama-style.

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