EPA = Egregious Polluters At-large

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On reading the letter-to-the-editor at an unfamiliar web site, we suspected crackpots at work.  Then at the original newspaper web site we found a prominent statement that “yes we did” publish that letter.

Only two conclusions are possible from the warnings of a retired geologist, published in the Silverton Standard:  At best, the Environmental Protection Agency engaged in stupefying recklessness when it “accidentally” released millions of gallons of toxic mine waste into a Colorado creek August 5, or at worst, agency personnel knowingly caused a horrible environmental disaster in pursuit of some agenda the disaster would serve.

Published July 30—six days before the spill turned Cement Creek and then the Animas River bright yellow in the process of delivering countless tons of toxic metals to Lake Powell and the Colorado River downstream—the letter explained with uncanny accuracy just how the catastrophe would unfold.

Repulsively conducting damage control for the EPA, the Associated Press last Friday churned out a story making it appear the spill was caused by mining (the mine closed long ago,) downplaying its impact, and giving no clue that it was triggered by direct EPA actions taken over vigorous local opposition.

If there is an upside, it’s that the misfortune is timely.  The author of this calamity, after all, is the same outfit that two days before poisoning Cement Creek told the nation we will save money on our electric bills by tearing apart our energy infrastructure and replacing it with things that don’t work as well.

Governor Walker’s idea of slicing and dicing the EPA into a sort of clearinghouse for state-based environmental protection efforts looks especially relevant just now. At minimum, Congress could rename the agency, “The Department of Making Things Worse.”

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