Enviros don’t care if you see their hypocrisy

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warning_flagThe deepening cynicism of the environmental movement was fully on display in two episodes this past week. They stand as warning flags for all those who entertain naïve notions of compromise and accommodation.

No sooner had Gogebic Taconite issued its formal announcement that it was pulling out of its Northern Wisconsin iron mining venture than the Sierra Club launched a transparently non-serious campaign to repeal the mining law reforms that had enabled consideration of the project.

We say non-serious partly because the chance of the current Legislature and administration taking up a repeal is considerably less than zero, but also because the Sierra Club’s position rests on an argument so specious as to discredit the already low standards of political chicanery.

Sierra’s premise is that Wisconsin’s mining law reforms should be repealed because they weaken environmental protection, when in fact Gogebic Taconite abandoned its project—after investing millions—because of the difficulty of meeting the mining law’s environmental protection standards.

Next, insulting the intelligence of anyone who’s noticed that their actions to block the Keystone Pipeline produce nothing except greater danger of fires and explosions in rail accidents spilling crude oil, a North Dakota environmental group demanded that oil be made safer to transport!

Why not demand the invention of fire that doesn’t burn? The rejection of safer transportation methods exposes the whole environmentalist posture as a lie.  In all cases, the real purpose is to make industrial activity too expensive to pursue, and they know it. The question is whether they think they’re successfully deceiving you.  And given that there is little or no apparent risk that they will be seriously challenged by the media, why wouldn’t they think so?

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