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marchblobxIgnorance and self-infatuation are deadly when combined, and there’s no easier place to find the combination than a green energy guerilla street-theater production, anywhere.

Madison, not surprisingly, was the scene of one such production last Thursday. A collection of planet-savers gathered outside the Public Service Commission offices to protest changes in the Madison Gas and Electric (MG&E) rate structure.

The Left is using rooftop solar panels to make everyone else foot the bill for greenies’ electricity usage and their use of the grid.  It’s the usual demand: Give them what they want and pay them to take it. But in reality they use the grid both to sell their surplus generation to the utility at exorbitant prices—and to bail them out when their hobbyist equipment doesn’t produce power, like at night. MG&E is proposing to have everyone pay their share for grid upkeep.

Hoping to preserve their racket, the greens picketed the commission. And to give everyone a glimpse of their boundless virtue, they set up an inflatable “power plant”—the dirty, planet-killing thing they pretend they don’t use.  Then the fun started.

Hats off to the MacIver Institute for this.

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