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The lampsThe education establishment’s hostility toward families freely choosing where their kids go to school is so amply demonstrated that it seems almost pointless remarking about it—that is, until someone presents new and bulletproof evidence to enlighten the people who still believe school district budgets are designed “for the children.”

Last week the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, in conjunction with the Education Action Group, released a new study detailing how the education establishment—eloquently named “The Blob” by Bill Bennett—has worked to sabotage Wisconsin’s school voucher program, actively opposing the policy direction set by the Walker administration and the Legislature.

The report reminds us how the elected Superintendent of the Department of Public Instruction (DPI), Tony Evers, openly exhorted local school officials to fight voucher expansion. It spells out how Evers’ agency has harassed voucher-participant schools, for instance by rigging testing requirements to pin public school problems on the voucher schools that are trying to fix them.

It’s no accident that the state superintendent’s position has become the private fiefdom of the politically-correct, leftist, edu-blob. Candidates run in the misleadingly-labeled nonpartisan spring election, a low-turnout affair susceptible to teacher union manipulation. And conservatives have understandably had difficulty fielding credible candidates, who realize winning the election would condemn them to four years of backstabbing and slander from an army of underlings bent on protecting the status quo like termites protecting their mound.

Barring a miracle, thoughts of reforming the Department of Public Instruction are pointless daydreams.  The realistic path to better public schools is further choice expansion so the DPI eventually achieves the irrelevancy it so richly deserves.

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