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piranhasIt’s one thing when skeptics of human-induced climate catastrophe assert that the whole, thinly-evidenced crisis is stagecraft, fronting for plans to loot the U.S. economy and advance the cause of international collectivism.

It’s another thing when the would-be looters tell you about it themselves.

Ordinarily they’re more discreet. Last week enthusiasm took over. Friday wrapped up “New Economy Week” and the “New Economy Coalition” spent five festive days loading our inbox—unwittingly, we think—with spam email celebrating a future in which people the coalition likes get to take whatever they want from people the coalition doesn’t like.

Maybe we’re paranoid or maybe it was the clenched-fist logo, but that’s how we interpreted the question the coalition posed to its followers last Friday:  “How can we claim access and control over what we need to live full and prosperous lives?

The week was highlighted by screenings of “This Changes Everything,” a documentary the coalition describes as leftist author Naomi Klein making her arguments that “we can seize the existential threat of climate change to transform our failed economic system into something radically better.”  Here’s a glimpse of “radically better.”  Medford, MA, University City, MO, Bend, OR,

The United Nations’ Paris climate summit opens in two weeks. The hyperventilating mainstream media coverage—guaranteed to be copious—will focus on “world leaders” struggling to commit to carbon dioxide reductions, which is to say, to commit their people to unending poverty.

Less conventional media sources will reveal an army of New Economy Coalition-style groups hovering around the UN gabfest like an immense flock of optimistic seagulls, maneuvering to pluck scraps from the wake of a rusted tramp steamer.

They, and proponents of boundless government, are the ones who expect to gain from global warming panic. They told us about it all last week.

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