Don’t Go Away Mad Mr. Schmitz, Just Go Away

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don_quixoteTell someone “it’s worse than previously thought,” and they’ll probably assume you’re talking the party line on global warming. But unlike global warming, which involves scientists playing fast and loose with the laws of physics, the saga of ex-special prosecutor Francis Schmitz and Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board (GAB) involves lawyers playing fast and loose with the laws and the Constitution, and yes, it is worse than previously thought—which was already quite bad enough.

Rebuked a second time by the Wisconsin Supreme Court—in fact booted out of his illegally-obtained position in the finally defunct John Doe investigation of Conservative political activity—Schmitz unburdened his tortured soul last week by issuing a statement saying “My career in the military and as a federal prosecutor fighting violent criminals and terrorists did not fully prepare me for the tactics employed by these special interest groups.”

Keep in mind, the “special interest groups” Schmitz finds more menacing than violent criminals and terrorists were people exercising what’s been identified by a string of judges as the constitutionally-protected right to express political opinions. By far the biggest illegal activity revealed by his investigation was its own existence.

As far as we can tell, the “tactics employed” involve winning on the legal merits, which in the world inhabited by Schmitz and the GAB, is evidently regarded as taking unfair advantage.

Happily, the GAB’s days are numbered thanks to its own John Doe abuses and its brazen foot-dragging in the application of laws like Voter ID, to eliminate advantages obtainable through election fraud.  And in the end, we’re thankful that Francis Schmitz must refer to his military career in the past tense. This tattered society needs at least one institution it can still trust.

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