Disappointment for Dems

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jobcreatefutureEver since Scott Walker was elected Governor of Wisconsin, it’s been obvious that nothing makes legislative Democrats and their activist base angrier than good news for the people of this state.  That means the left-wing spin machine will be going into overdrive, trying to cook up a rationale for claiming last week’s good news from the Gallup polling organization isn’t really good news after all.

Gallup reports that Wisconsin has climbed into its list of the top ten job-creating states for the first time since the organization began surveying the issue—in 2008, two years before Walker was elected.

It’s important to note that this particular Gallup survey is not an opinion poll; it’s measuring empirical data and reporting reality, not perception.

That is bad news—for Democrats—but good news for everybody who values opportunity for family-supporting employment more than opportunity to gain political advantage.

It’s especially bad news for the Democrats’ obvious plan to run against Walker this year on the issue of job creation. We’re guessing the Governor might wish he hadn’t made the overly-specific pledge to promote the kind of economic revival that would create 250,000 new jobs in his first term; that’s sticking your neck out.  On the other hand, any fair-minded person would have at least hoped the Obama administration might not commit itself full-time to suffocating the economy and driving people out of the workforce.

Creating any new jobs at all in that kind of environment would be a noteworthy achievement, and now an independent research organization with no known sympathy toward Conservative ideas has confirmed that it’s happening in Wisconsin.

We hope our Democrat friends can forgive us for being happy about it.

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