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doorbellJust when the formerly inevitable Hillary Clinton looks like the dream opponent for Republicans in 2016, we must reluctantly say we think her candidacy is already done for; she won’t be available to defeat.

Last weekend, State Department sources said classified emails sent over her private server—first claimed to be none in a categorical denial, later disclosed to be four in a sample of 40—have ballooned to 15 times that number.

Discoveries of top secret intelligence casually mishandled on the hack-prone server will surely grow.

But here’s the key: free-flowing information about Hillary’s indifference toward national security isn’t a sign that suddenly the system is working. It is, as we’ve said before, the sign of an inside take-down. Clearly, the administration thinks Hillary will drag Democrats to defeat in 2016, allowing the odious Obama enterprise to be undone before its venom finishes paralyzing the nation.

The media’s energetic reporting is the definitive clue. Operating mainly as stenographers for Obama administration talking points, they won’t come to Hillary’s assistance as long as there remains any possibility of Democrats nominating someone farther left—Elizabeth Warren presumably being the ideal.  If somehow Hillary survives and wins the nomination, watch for a neck-snapping reversal of the media’s interest in this “old news.”

If we’re mistaken, if she slithers out of her current predicament and next November, still parades before the cameras with bulging eyes and reptilian grin, pointing clumsily at imaginary friends in the dwindling crowds, we will repent our premature judgment while eagerly awaiting the returns. But does anyone seriously believe her image will improve in the 11 months between now and the Democrats’ convention?

Their eventual nominee may prove a stronger competitor.  That’s not too high a price for justice.

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