Democrats: Good News = Bad News

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happysadpostAn unearned courtesy extended to Liberals for the struggle they have wrought upon society is that, after all, their intentions are good.  A better gauge of what the Left aspires to on behalf of all the rest of us may be the reaction of Democrats on hearing self-evidently good news delivered by someone they dislike.

With the billion-dollar state budget surplus and plans for new tax cuts already known, that wasn’t blockbuster news in last week’s state of the state address to the Legislature—making the reaction of legislative Democrats the event’s most instructive feature. It wasn’t pretty.

Nobody expects the minority party to be enthusiastic about the cheering sessions state of the union and state of the state messages have been since at least the early 1980s. On the other hand, nobody should have to expect the undisguised revulsion with which Wisconsin Democrats received the information about Wisconsin taxpayers and working families being better off than a year ago.

Chattering among themselves, affecting distraction, and obviously posing for the TV cameras as they busied themselves with other things, Democrats resembled nothing so much as a collection of belligerent seventh-graders resolutely ignoring a message they need to hear.

Meanwhile, their anointed candidate for Governor, who clearly has no ideas she can safely acknowledge, labeled Governor Walker’s idea of returning most of the surplus to taxpayers as “irresponsible”.

The happiest face to put on this might be that Democrats aren’t necessarily angered by good things happening for the people of Wisconsin, but they hate good things happening when others are in charge.  As long as they cling to statist ideas that impede the pursuit of happiness, that’s what they’re stuck with.

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