Cowed by the Bully

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supersadCitizens of Ukraine have more to worry about than Vladimir Putin’s evident intention to reconstitute the Soviet Empire.

In addition to who runs the Kremlin, Ukrainians must be equally concerned about who lives in the White House. Were any one of its 43 previous occupants—possibly even including Jimmy Carter—residing there today, Mr. Putin would at least need to consider whether the cost of invading a neighboring country would be worth the reward.

But when today’s White House dweller warns that there will be “costs” associated with taking a neighbor’s territory, it’s impossible to avoid the impression that he’s merely reminding Putin that the troops will expect to be paid, and that tanks burn a lot of expensive diesel fuel.

Put it this way: How would you feel if you were a Ukrainian wondering what comes next, knowing the world’s only superpower is “led” by someone whose idea of a situation demanding his attention is cattle passing gas?

With analogies to 1914 and 1938 flying thick and fast, and an aggressor using armed force to seize parts of other countries, a U.S. chief executive who could probably bring down the expansionist dictatorship with some serious banking sanctions and no deployment of troops is focused, laser-like, on bovine flatulence.

And as they used to say in the old Soviet Union, “It’s no coincidence, comrade.”

That’s right. The green fantasists whose bidding is done increasingly by the U.S. government are, as usual,  on the march against your appetite for meat and dairy products, under the guise of saving the planet from a change in average temperatures over 100 years that you wouldn’t notice if it took place over 100 minutes.

Anybody still wondering if there are “costs” to the world’s aggressors not taking us seriously?

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