Courting Confusion

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bluegavelWailing that the Wisconsin Supreme Court is “dysfunctional” is a favorite tactic whenever Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson’s Liberal allies are trying to defeat a Conservative justice, so it’s revealing this week to see how desperate they are to preserve the status quo.

As we’ve mentioned, there’s a referendum on next Tuesday’s spring election ballot.  A “yes” vote would amend the Wisconsin Constitution so that the chief justice would be subject to election every two years by a vote of all seven sitting justices.  This would replace the current system, in which the chief justice is whichever one has been on the court longest. There is currently no other qualification, period.

But this week Marquette Law School Professor and former Supreme Court Justice Janine Geske—who might at one time have been mistaken for a level-headed jurist—is on the air speaking for a left-wing smear group called the Greater Wisconsin Committee, now hiding behind the name “Make Your Vote Count.”  Geske is voicing a radio ad that can’t possibly be understood as anything other than a cynical attempt to deceive voters about the referendum.

Geske says partisan political bosses don’t want you to be able to choose the chief justice, as if she thought you could; and that you can protect your vote—a vote you don’t have and never had when it comes to choosing the chief justice—by voting no on the referendum question.

Shirley Abrahamson was appointed to the Supreme Court by Governor Patrick Lucey, who left office 38 years ago.  The stupendous dishonesty of the Greater Wisconsin Committee’s advertisement is a gauge of how desperate Liberals are to keep the Court—the same one they call “dysfunctional” when it suits them—just the way it is.

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