Countdown in the Courts

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votecountsFunny how the political Left defines success as sowing panic over things that may or may not be problematic—like human activity possibly raising temperature averages two degrees in a hundred years—while getting you to ignore serious threats occurring right now.

Such as voter fraud, the crime Democrats say never happens and which, coincidentally, always seems to benefit Democrats.

As we noted here last week, Wisconsin continues its incremental progress toward ensuring the integrity of our elections but there are more battles to be fought. Here are some things you should know next time someone claims voter fraud is a myth:

Here in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is an impassioned advocate of the nothing-to-see-here school of thought, while its own archives reveal numerous people criminally sentenced for systematic vote-fraud operations from 2008 onward.

The good news is, events are breaking in favor of ballot security. You’d think it unnecessary, but a federal judge ruled last month that despite the Obama administration’s objections, it’s okay for states to require proof of citizenship when registering to vote.

As usual, the people are way ahead of their government. Rasmussen Reports found that what took a federal court decision to affirm as valid law, eight in ten Americans already regarded as the way things should be.

Elections that could be the most consequential in at least half a century are seven months away and thanks to fanciful litigation, Wisconsin still has no enforceable requirement that voters show evidence that they are who they say they are.

The District II Court of Appeals, Wisconsin Supreme Court, and a Milwaukee federal court can come down on the side of ballot integrity or drag their feet, telling honest citizens they’re on their own.  The clock’s running.

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