Chinese bull-shopping

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bull chinaLast week’s U.S.-Chinese agreement to reduce carbon dioxide emissions will be the administration’s club to beat down objections that binding ourselves without action by China is senseless—not that any action would be sensible considering the decreasingly apparent carbon dioxide threat.

But oops! Reuters news service, no friend of global warming skeptics, pointed out the fallacy: The world’s leading CO2 emitter has committed to nothing that wasn’t expected to happen anyway, with or without a Chinese climate epiphany.

Dig down and you’ll even find indications (in the London Times and paywalled,) that more than a year ago, China anticipated bigger, earlier emission reductions than it supposedly agreed to last week.

How does this stray from the advertised purpose? By having nothing whatever to do with Chinese emissions. China “pledges” it might reach its emissions peak by 2030 and obtain about 20 percent of its electricity from non-fossil sources. (Read: nuclear.)   Meanwhile, Obama proposes steeper U.S. emission cuts than last summer’s 17 percent. Now he’s talking 28 percent by 2025.

Real dictators control China’s economy. Their new, fictional commitment is Obama’s excuse to behave the way they do, toward the U.S. economy.  China promises business as usual and the U.S. buckles down to strive harder than ever, in service to an imaginary cause.  The one thing you can rely on from this administration is hostility to America’s interests.

If you still can, laugh when the additional U.S. manufacturing activity transferred to China ensures their targets, however incidental, fall by the wayside.

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