Chillin’ with Global Warming

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On Friday, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the outfit that tries to justify mind-boggling taxes and international regulation of energy use—is supposed to release the fifth in its 23-year series of reports on global warming.

We say “supposed” to release because word last week was that a flock of political functionaries from all over were in a tizzy since the thousands of scientists behind the report may have produced a document that’s dutifully alarmist but not enough to warrant the power these bureaucrats want.

Indeed, as this is written, governments that bankroll the IPCC were holding a conclave in Stockholm, Sweden, furiously “negotiating” what the Fifth Assessment Report ought to say.

Yes, the story is full of New York Times propagandizing and if you might not notice that the new report retreats significantly from past IPCC alarms. But soldier on to the 16th paragraph, because that’s where they let the cat out of the bag: Scientists with a vested interest in alarmism still have just enough integrity to admit global warming has “paused” and the politicians are “negotiating” to make them say something else or pretend they haven’t noticed.

But oops! Mainstream media have noticed. Not in this country of course, but when you see what they’re writing in England and Germany, maybe this is one time it’s best that we lead from behind.

The fact is, there’s pretty good evidence that the Earth is getting cooler, not warmer. If anyone thinks the kind of climate that produced the Irish potato famine and the bread riots that led up to the French Revolution is preferable to something warmer, they just might get to see for themselves.

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