Celebrate Conformity!

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conformityNo one affords more provocative insight into the Liberal mind than Liberals themselves, provided we seize our many opportunities to go discreetly among them and observe their habits, like (Liberal) David Attenborough with his cameras, sneaking up on Gooney birds.

This ritual is most commonly performed by means of bumper sticker. A rich example was observed in Madison this past week. Side by side and not more than 18 inches apart were these two messages:  “Celebrate Diversity,” and, “If your heart is in the right place, it’s on the left.”

No doubt space considerations prevented the stickers spelling out fully what they mean, i.e., “Respect and enjoy the differences between yourselves and others,” and, “If you’re different from me, you’re bad.”

The absurdity probably wouldn’t even register with most standard-issue Liberals, who are looking only for reassurance and conditioned to ignore anything that doesn’t offer it. But the crafty operators who pull their strings almost certainly recognize that we all have our shortcomings and that many will eagerly flock to join a movement that tells them the proof of their goodness is that they hate the right people.

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