Careers Built on Poverty

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electionsaheadWindbag state legislators Robert Jauch and Janet Bewley caught a couple of pies in the face last week when opponents of Northern-Wisconsin mining stupidly posted video of themselves invading a mining company test site, threatening and assaulting mine employees, stealing a camera, and spewing such non-stop obscenity as to render intelligible broadcast of their antics impossible.

Jauch and Bewley, previously allied with the “protesters,” expressed disapproval of their thuggish conduct, then circled right back to blaming the G-TAC mining company in advance for anything that might go wrong.

Which begs the question: Why do legislators representing a part of the state that’s suffered economically for generations insist on keeping things that way?

We suspect it’s this simple: Lots of good jobs and a brighter economic future in northern Wisconsin would mean the end of Bob Jauch and Janet Bewley as elected officials. People with a stake in a prospering economy have no use for “leaders” who specialize in pandering to victim-hood.

Having advertised themselves as defenders of the downtrodden and having failed miserably to deliver value—such as jobs with a future instead of demeaning handouts—the Jauchs and Bewleys of this world have to create an alternative reality in order to survive.

If that means taking it easy on people who commit crimes and blaming those who might actually do the region some good, so be it.

Politicians whose sole concern is staying in office tend to have few things to recommend them besides the shortcomings of others. Pandering Democrats routinely demonstrate an understanding that their success depends entirely on damaging Republicans. Their disrespect for individual initiative and accountability has done much to repel normal, working people and those who wish they were working.

Prosperity for their constituents would end their careers.

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