Burke’s Blunders

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Oops!!We think we’ve finally figured out the core strategic concept behind the Mary Burke for Governor campaign:  Commit every imaginable blunder as early as possible, exhausting the supply of potential embarrassments before most voters start paying attention.

At least that would give gullible Democrats an excuse to believe the past week’s pratfalls were evidence of some crafty strategists at work.

In fairness, the Burke campaign probably can’t be directly blamed for the announcement that its candidate has been endorsed by the American Federation of Teachers. We have a hard time imagining a campaign organization so politically tone-deaf as to ballyhoo the fact that its candidate, a member of the Madison School Board, is who the teachers union longs to see occupying the governor’s office. Have they considered the implications of someone inquiring what the affection between Burke and the teachers’ union means for Madison taxpayers?

Then there was last week’s report that Burke, as Doyle administration Commerce Secretary, sent more than $12 million taxpayer dollars down the rabbit hole to lure a company that had no intention of expanding in Wisconsin and had actually laid off hundreds of employees before Burke’s boondoggle.

But the biggest blunder of all was last week’s proclamation by candidate Burke herself that she would outlaw all out-of-state contributions to candidates in Wisconsin elections. Never mind the apparent ignorance of First Amendment considerations, Burke is evidently so cynical that she expects no one will notice she’s already raised more than $1 million outside Wisconsin.

In recent elections, Wisconsin Democrats have benefited massively from out-of-state contributions, conspicuously from left-wing unions. Burke has clearly embraced the Leninist dictum: Always accuse your adversary of that which you yourself are about to do.

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