Burke talks: big mistake

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mouthLast week we criticized Mary Burke, the Democratic Party’s anointed 2014 opponent to Governor Walker, for essentially “taking the Fifth” on what she would try to do if elected. Our criticism didn’t mean we thought clamming up was a bad idea, at least not from the perspective of a Left-wing Democrat trying to skate past the voters.

But now Burke’s started talking. Fooling the voters will no longer be an option.

She’s declined to say she would not increase state taxation. That’s distressing, given that even with nearly three quarters of a billion dollars in income and property tax cuts under Governor Walker, Wisconsin is still a conspicuously high-tax state.

Burke’s statement that she’d insist on state government living within its means doesn’t wash. We still need to know how she defines the state’s “means.” And we do know she served in a Doyle administration that regarded the state’s “means” as whatever it felt like wringing out of the taxpayers.

But why spend time picking apart the weasel words when Burke is now on the record opposing voter ID laws? Mandatory voter ID to cast a ballot typically polls at about 80 percent support, often breaking down to include a majority of Democrats.

And then there’s school choice. Burke now openly says she would not have expanded Wisconsin’s school voucher program, as was done all too modestly in this year’s state budget bill. Opposing voucher expansion is one thing, and bad enough, but Burke went on to make it clear she’d prefer parents butt out and leave their kids’ education to the government:

“That’s the role of government, where it can do things better as an organization than individuals can do on their own,” Burke said.

Keep talking, Ms. Burke.

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