Building the Base

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It’s no secret that Democrats and the hard-core Left that’s taken complete control
of their party are busy all day, every day, identifying and building a communication network among potential supporters—the idea being to activate those people and get them to the polls on election day.

Everyone has the right to do that, and the good news is Republicans are getting into the game.
There’s been no broad-based statewide voter registration drive by the Republican Party of Wisconsin in more than ten years, believe it or not. Now, moving forward on the strong grassroots foundation laid by Governor Walker the past three years, the GOP this week announced a registration drive aimed at bringing more Republican voters to the polls.

Party volunteers will be working to reach an estimated 800,000 eligible but unregistered voters. A new web site also provides information on how to register and become part of the team.

The effort is timely as Wisconsin looks forward to being a critical battleground state for the foreseeable future. Democrats have said they intend to place operatives in all 72 counties. Republicans opened eight full-time field offices around the state in June.

GOP Executive Director Joe Fadness was quoted saying “It’s time to get back to neighbor-to-neighbor contact.” We couldn’t have said it better.

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