Big Brother Visits the UN

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bigbrotherGlobal warming as pretext for totalitarianism was on display last week, with more executive orders from the malevolent Barack Obama exploiting natural climate variation to leverage political fraud.

Note this unsettling announcement:

“The NOAA will also begin developing ‘extreme weather risk outlooks’ for as long as 30 days in advance to help local communities to prepare for damaging weather and prevent ‘loss of life and property,’ partnering with private companies to monitor and predict climate change.”

So phony, 30-day forecasts useful only to generate fear will be the enviro-socialists’ antidote to decades of dire predictions—more and stronger hurricanes, more and stronger tornadoes, longer, worse  droughts, more floods, more wildfires, accelerating sea-level rise—proving one after another to be nonsense.  Some of us remember the UW’s late Reid Bryson, arguably the inventor of climatology, asking, “Do you trust a five-day forecast?”

But for famous-name thugs, it’s not what you trust but how you can be intimidated.

Want to know what will cause loss of life and property? The green elitist agenda of denying the world’s poor the life-saving benefits of electricity, and even causing people in developed countries to join the world’s poor by simultaneously making energy more expensive and suppressing economic growth.

That will kill. It happens daily where people live abbreviated lives of stoop labor and ill health, deprived of energy and the labor-saving machines, clean water, and more abundant food it makes possible.

Many of the world’s billions are climbing out of poverty—China, India and others blew off Obama’s UN Climate Summit—but his anti-human, green commissars are busily sawing off the ladder and scheming to cast even more people into the pit.

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