Beware October

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pumpkinA few days ago the Marquette Law School poll showed Governor Walker leading challenger Mary Burke by five percentage points among likely voters. The same poll showed 54 percent of respondents believe Wisconsin is “on the right track.”

The modest “right track” majority is a deadly statistic for Burke, in that it sets Wisconsin apart: better off under Walker than the nation is under Obama. A Rasmussen Poll of similarly recent vintage has the nationwide “right track” response at an appalling 25 percent.

This is all excellent news for Walker supporters, but also a warning sign for both sides. It tells the people propping up Burke’s candidacy they must do serious damage to Walker’s positive numbers, or lose.

So watch for the “October Surprise.”

A vivid recollection, circa 1990, is of an incumbent Democrat state legislator facing a potent challenge from an accomplished Republican candidate. Pretend the Republican’s name was Smith.  The Friday before the election, the local daily newspaper’s top of page-one headline was “CRIMINAL CHARGE FILED AGAINST SMITH.”

It was true, and the right Smith. The smelly part was that the criminal charge involved a vague section of state law, cynically misapplied by the Democrat incumbent to criminalize political disagreement. The “crime” and the charges disappeared like a Cheshire cat—not even leaving his grin behind—once the Democrat was re-elected.

So get ready.

Left-wingers fueled by 100-octane hatred will try desperately to make Scott Walker look like the most evil creature of the century, between now and November 4th.

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