Be Very Afraid

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vote2014We don’t know how many voters of Conservative inclination need a wake-up call, but this would be the time:  Before you see another edition of Wednesday Update, it’s entirely possible that Mary Burke, left-wing nonentity from the Madison School Board, may have been elected Governor of Wisconsin. Make no mistake, any Conservative voter who doesn’t show up at the polls on Tuesday and also remind at least two like-minded individuals to do the same will passively help make it happen.

It boils down to the level of motivation among Conservative voters, and the degree to which voters of all stripes, deluged by the furious typhoon of attack advertising aimed at Scott Walker, conclude the accusations can’t be true because if they were, Wisconsin voters would not have supported him twice.

That typhoon of hatred is the audio-visual embodiment of Walker’s predicament. The people who yap idiotically every day about a need to “get the money out of politics” appear destined to outspend the Walker campaign by millions of dollars.  Evidently their slogan is imprecise. What they really mean is, they want to get your money out of politics.

A few weeks ago we started noticing others saying what we’d suggested about the Burke candidacy: that it shares no obvious traits with any other candidacy except that of Barack Obama.

In each case voters are urged to project their own desires, however irrational, upon a blank canvas; in each case, the candidates claim great achievements that upon examination, melt into swirling mists. Perhaps only this sort of candidacy remains viable for a Democratic Party that can no longer win elections by admitting what it intends to do.

You’ve heard this tune before and know how it ends. If it doesn’t end on Tuesday, it starts all over again.

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