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trash-canWe bend over backward to honor due process by saying Lois Lerner might belong in jail.

The apparent project manager for Internal Revenue Service intimidation of Conservative public interest groups, Lerner turned up in last Thursday’s Wall Street Journal revelation of direct connections with Wisconsin’s execrable Government Accountability Board (GAB).

The Joint Finance Committee co-chairs promptly demanded GAB Executive Director Kevin Kennedy resign.

All well and good, but we have concerns. A Legislature fatigued by the recent budget deliberations and wary of editorial blowback against any serious treatment of the GAB may be tempted to push Kennedy out the door and declare the problem solved.

Language in the co-chairs’ joint statement hints at that easy-way-out strategy: “In order for the GAB to return to its original mission, Kevin Kennedy must go.”  Our apologies, but that doesn’t cut it.

The GAB’s misbegotten “original mission” was to placate a media howling about the caucus scandals of the 1990s, activities deemed scandalous only when Republicans became proficient at the same political work legislative Democrats had been doing for 30 years with full media knowledge.

To the immediate point, a Lerner connection, if proven, would be interesting but utterly superfluous to the needs of Wisconsin government.  The GAB has shown defiant incompetence, failing its legitimately assigned duties and conniving to obstruct reforms like Voter ID. It exemplifies the opposite of accountability.  Agenda-free accountability is enforceable through Internet disclosure of campaign finance information the GAB now collects.

Of course there will be editorial flak: Editorial boards are made up of people just like the retired judges on the GAB, professionals who lend a cloak of respectability to the enforcement of Liberal orthodoxy.  The GAB is dominated by a rogue staff putting its thumb on the political scale. It demands elimination.

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