Back to the Middle-Ages

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Today we ponder the significance of President Obama’s travels, jetting off to Africa less than 24 hours after delivering the highly- touted speech about his plan to regulate the Earth’s climate.

Might he be seeking a glimpse of the future he envisions for America? After all, he will spend the next week on a continent typified by the kind of stunted economies found in nations where the government is contemptuous of the rule of law and the people can only dream of inexpensive energy.

In roughly 40 minutes yesterday at Georgetown University, President Obama avoided the increasingly laughable phrase “global warming” and unveiled his plan to have the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) restrict carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants. That means coal-fired plants, and possibly the natural gas-fired plants a lot of companies have built to escape the cost of Obama’s coal regulations. 60 percent of Wisconsin’s electricity and 40 percent of the nation’s comes from coal.

The object is the same as it’s been since Jim Doyle was fooling around with a state-level global warming task force: Use regulation to make fossil fuels too expensive and force people to use the even more expensive, heavily subsidized and thoroughly unreliable “green” wind and solar gizmos owned by Obama’s political allies.

In other words, get ready for energy supplies to become more and more dependent on the whims of the wind and sun. Some critics have accused Obama of thinking he was elected king. Maybe so; if nothing else, his energy policies seem designed to re-create the times when kings were in their heyday.

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