An Administration of Attitudes

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obamacare ahead warning conceptual postPeggy Noonan—who once wanted badly to be an Obama fan—opined some months ago that a big problem with Obama people is that they imagine their words to be actions.

We’d elaborate and say their level of self-regard is such that it doesn’t appear to matter to them when their words turn out to have little to do with how things play out: They’ve said it, therefore it is.

How else to explain the administration’s airy dismissal of concerns over the Obamacare fiasco? Have you noticed how all the preposterous failures have begun fading into the background of humdrum routine, while the one thing forever conspicuously in sight is the attitude of palpable indifference?

This can have only one result. It will stoke resentment as no public policy failure could by itself, as Obamacare paves a path of genuine destruction.

There’s no partisan hyperbole in saying real people’s lives will be ripped apart—most immediately by identity thieves looting their bank accounts—in service of whatever you want to call this enterprise: Socialized Medicine, or to borrow the 1960s term; income redistribution.

Even the mainstream media now disclose that Obamacare’s designers never bothered about the security of personal information. Others discover that the belated effort to patch security breaches is making things even worse. And those responsible decline to explain.

Following the “Rules for Radicals” playbook, the supposed “fixes” threaten to overwhelm state Medicaid programs with untold numbers of ineligible beneficiaries, lending credence to suspicions that the real objective is chaos (Google “Cloward Piven” strategy).

Floating above it all, our beloved leader congratulates himself. We’ll reiterate what we’ve said before.

They don’t give a damn what harm they do to anyone else.

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