A Return to Energy Sanity?

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The lampsAs the Soviet Bloc lumbered toward collapse it was remarked that once in a while, a blade of grass pokes up through the concrete.  Two blades of grass poked up on the energy front in Wisconsin in recent days.

Last week the Public Service Commission moved toward restoring energy sanity by approving a rate change requested by Wisconsin Public Service Corporation. The revision increases the fixed-cost component of energy bills—paying for poles, wires and upkeep—and reduces reliance on energy usage as the main source of utility revenues.

What this achieves, as Robert Seitz of the Wisconsin Utility Investors Association explains, is ending a backdoor subsidy paid by people of limited means to wealthy homeowners and developers.

Put more bluntly, the Commission has begun (two similar cases are pending,) to unravel a scam—like almost everything that happens in the insane world of green energy—operating at the expense of un-suspecting ratepayers; that is, operated by Barack Obama’s “One Percenter” campaign contributors.

Meanwhile, Brown County officials declared a local wind farm a public health risk, sticking their necks out on behalf of residents who have fled their homes to get relief from low-frequency noise caused by the turbines.

What happens next in Brown County is uncertain. What matters is that people in responsible positions are getting tired of playing along with the emperor who has no clothes.  Nothing fits that description so well as wind energy, a bill of goods sold as an environmental miracle cure but unable to function at all without continuous backup from the fossil-fueled generation it was supposed to displace.

All in all, a better week for grass than concrete.

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