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capitolSince history’s turning points are seldom recognizable when they occur, you may want to keep an old calendar and mark the dates between mid-December and last Thursday. In a few years, look back and ponder whether you lived through one of the more crucial turning points since Midway.

Discussed here last week, the omnibus federal spending bill a week before Christmas was no copybook civics lesson but it put roadblocks in front of some destructive administration ideas. We re-plow that ground today because it’s apparent that the good parts of the omnibus bill weren’t happenstance and might be the cutting edge of a new trend.

Last week, the Republican Congress put a bill gutting Obamacare—repealing its core provisions—on the president’s desk. Naturally he vetoed it; that’s not the point.

The point is the GOP made him deny the will of the people, preserving a law the majority of Americans despise. It starkly demonstrated what will happen if another Democrat is allowed to succeed Obama.  Such demonstrations are invaluable.

Last week we mentioned the December omnibus bill blocking an IRS initiative to restrict political activity by non-profit groups like those targeted for harassment by Lois Lerner’s crew.  Last Thursday, all by itself, the IRS withdrew a proposal to collect more information, including Social Security numbers—of donors to non-profits that might engage in politics. Looks like IRS has stronger political instincts than the chief executive.

All in all, not a bad three weeks. And if the Midway analogy seems overwrought, consider whether the future viability of this nation as a republic of free people was more deeply jeopardized by the Imperial Japanese Navy, or by the current administration.

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