“The Weak Horse”

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Remember September 11, New York CityWe fervently hope civilized people worldwide get past this loathsome anniversary without innocent lives being destroyed.

There is reason to be on edge this September 11 because of the high probability that the world’s terrorists feel emboldened by the vacillating, equivocating, self-centered, embarrassingly politicized “leadership” in the United States.

No one here is arguing for this country to embroil itself in Syria’s civil war. We would, however, argue that it bespeaks a singularly feckless leadership to suggest that specific behavior warrants a U.S. military response and then scurry off looking for others to blame for inaction when that specific behavior occurs.

The late Osama bin Laden used the analogy of “the weak horse” to illustrate how previous U.S. leadership encouraged Islamofascists to attack more boldly, confident that the superpower lacked the moral confidence to defend itself or to do them decisive harm.

In her face-saving tirade against Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, our ex-Secretary of State did nothing to dispel the “weak horse” notion by asking “what difference, at this point, does it make” whether a U.S. ambassador was murdered by organized jihadis or ordinary street hoodlums.

It boggles the mind to recall it was her husband, who against all odds looks better by comparison with the current president, toward whom the “weak horse” analogy was aimed.

Since last September 11 the current president has done nothing but make things worse by issuing ill-considered threats that prove hollow. Foreign policy by empty bluster does not ward off danger, but heightens it. May we all survive today, and see this nation led someday by people strong enough to know when to stop talking.

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