45, the new 70

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slowThe more we observe contemporary Liberalism in action, the more it looks like a Gordon Lightfoot songbook: interchangeable sets of lyrics assigned nominally different titles in hopes that no one will notice they consist of the same few tunes draped over the same few rhythms, repeated with maddening predictability in the same whiny key.

So if, against all odds, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett gets his way and manages to cut the speed limit to 45 miles per hour on sections of Interstate 90-94, it might not be a coincidence if you find yourself unconsciously humming “The Edmund  Fitzgerald” to while away the additional commuting time.

Proffered as a way to mitigate needed expansion of the overburdened expressway, the mayor’s latest transportation-related brainstorm has at least one thing in common with all the other numbers in the songbook. It goes precisely nowhere unless more obviously sensible alternatives are made to appear too expensive or otherwise unacceptable.

So mass transit begins to look reasonable because driving your own car is more emotionally stressful when you know you should be traveling half again as fast.

High-speed rail that averages 38 miles per hour becomes relatively less sluggish, if only by decree.

Want a non-transportation example? How about the fantasy that expensive, whimsically-operational “renewable” energy is cost-competitive, an illusion contrived by saddling dependable, inexpensive energy sources with the costs of arbitrary regulation.

The advancement of Liberal priorities never any longer involves effort to improve the Liberal product, but only to destroy the alternatives. A rule of thumb that will seldom fail to predict Liberal preferences is that they can be counted on to reject anything that works, because the inevitable comparison will make their own ideas look bad.

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