2015: goodbye and good riddance

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The world doesn’t become a different place because the numbers on the calendar change, but we allow ourselves a sigh of relief as 2015 shrinks in the rear-view mirror.

It was the year the “JV team” demonstrated it could strike the U.S. homeland with deadly effect. .

Ultimately more dangerous were threats growing within. The Left has tried to criminalize policy disagreements since the Reagan years, but in 2015 its totalitarian ambitions went fully on display.

Last year U.S. Senate Democrats voted to end First Amendment protection for political speech.

Last year Democrats running for president and their acolytes proposed punishing U.S. businesses acting lawfully to reduce their exposure to the developed world’s highest corporate taxes.

Last year congressional Democrats threatened prosecution as “racketeers” of global warming skeptics—people who have the nerve to say out loud that they doubt the stuff everyone exhales several times a minute is A) a hazardous pollutant; B) dictates Earth’s climate; and C) will destroy civilization if we don’t surrender the entire economy and all our thoughts to the EPA.

Last year the Democratic attorney general of New York actually initiated such a prosecution, which continues.

And shaking our confidence that the nation’s grown-ups will repel these assaults on constitutional liberty, last year was The Year of the Trumpnik, with a dismayingly large minority of potential Republican voters convinced that a reality-show huckster will be the nation’s savior specifically because he’s deliberately offensive and ignorant of critical issues..  If nothing else, Donald Trump’s candidacy verifies that the less one knows, the more certain of it one becomes.

The chances of 2016 being a better year are genuine but frail, resting wholly upon the fact that this year brings an opportunity to definitively banish the principal source of our discontent.  Squander it, and it may be a very long time before another opportunity appears.

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