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The Enforcers

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pumpkinFor the benefit of new readers, we’ll repeat that our obsession with climate and energy issues stems from their exploitation by the militant Left. Every political movement seeking totalitarian control needs an all-purpose bogeyman, a common enemy to distract the masses from their abuse by the regime.

The current regime long ago picked the pseudo-religion of global warming as the organizing principle by which it justifies its ideological mugging of the economy, its ongoing impoverishment of the 99 percent it claims to love, its suppression of free political speech. It’s all about control. Want an example?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is proposing changes to its regulations for states receiving federal disaster relief funds.  States are now warned that if they don’t include planning specifically for climate change-related emergencies—as if tornadoes were unheard-of before the Industrial Revolution—they’re out of luck.

The problem isn’t that states are required to plan how they’ll mitigate the effects of natural disasters.  The problem is they’re being coerced—under penalty of their citizens being abandoned by the federal government in a calamity—into validating the doctrine of Global Warming.  That implicitly means accepting any decree handed down by the Obama administration under the guise of addressing a purported climate crisis.

Winter’s coming. The administration’s anti-carbon ideology made it more expensive for many people to heat their homes last January. Infrastructure-wise and quite deliberately, things are no better now and will get worse.

Susan Happ and the War on Women

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warriorIf Mary Burke can overcome her manifest embarrassments and be elected governor next Tuesday—that is, if Democrats can herd enough Scott Walker-haters to the polls and install Burke in his place, Wisconsin may end up with a Democrat in the Attorney General’s office as well.

It simply stands to reason that people who organize their lives around a longing to hurt the current governor will almost certainly mark their ballot for Susan Happ while they’re at it. What would that mean for those of us who have other reasons to get out of bed in the morning?

A lack of focus on dangerous crime seems a pretty good bet. Another botched prosecution of a dangerous criminal on Happ’s watch recently came to light.

A fast and loose approach to easily verifiable matters of public record might be another thing to look for.  Scrambling to make Republican Brad Schimel appear as careless as their own candidate in prosecuting violent offenders, Happ’s allies rolled out a TV ad that was simply a lie, and a readily provable one at that. Liable themselves had they persisted in knowingly circulating the falsehood, three television stations yanked the pro-Happ ad.

If not “fast and loose,” it seems to be “turn ‘em loose” in Happ’s Jefferson County D.A.’s office. The Watertown Daily Union reported that a man who was convicted of killing his girlfriend got off without jail time eight months earlier for severely beating her.

Prior to the alleged shooting, Avery’s most recent contact with law enforcement involved a Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012, domestic incident with Krueger in Watertown. At the time, Avery was charged with domestic abuse-related strangulation and suffocation, misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct.

Nothing in their history suggests Democrats ever let go of tired campaign themes, as the biennial Republican conspiracy to repeal Social Security attests.  But they might want to try vetting their candidates more carefully next time they roll out the “war on women.”

Be Very Afraid

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vote2014We don’t know how many voters of Conservative inclination need a wake-up call, but this would be the time:  Before you see another edition of Wednesday Update, it’s entirely possible that Mary Burke, left-wing nonentity from the Madison School Board, may have been elected Governor of Wisconsin. Make no mistake, any Conservative voter who doesn’t show up at the polls on Tuesday and also remind at least two like-minded individuals to do the same will passively help make it happen.

It boils down to the level of motivation among Conservative voters, and the degree to which voters of all stripes, deluged by the furious typhoon of attack advertising aimed at Scott Walker, conclude the accusations can’t be true because if they were, Wisconsin voters would not have supported him twice.

That typhoon of hatred is the audio-visual embodiment of Walker’s predicament. The people who yap idiotically every day about a need to “get the money out of politics” appear destined to outspend the Walker campaign by millions of dollars.  Evidently their slogan is imprecise. What they really mean is, they want to get your money out of politics.

A few weeks ago we started noticing others saying what we’d suggested about the Burke candidacy: that it shares no obvious traits with any other candidacy except that of Barack Obama.

In each case voters are urged to project their own desires, however irrational, upon a blank canvas; in each case, the candidates claim great achievements that upon examination, melt into swirling mists. Perhaps only this sort of candidacy remains viable for a Democratic Party that can no longer win elections by admitting what it intends to do.

You’ve heard this tune before and know how it ends. If it doesn’t end on Tuesday, it starts all over again.

The Crisis of Competence, II

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Stop Global WarmingA rhetorical question: Is anyone feeling better about having the U.S. Government in charge of their health care?

Recently we recited a list of clownish federal incompetencies, hilarious except for the cost to innocent bystanders. Increasingly, the costs include peoples’ lives. To paraphrase Dan Henninger of The Wall Street Journal, Americans’ top request of their government is shifting toward, “Don’t get us killed.”

Instead of fixing the problem, the administration is busying itself with extraneous pursuits, so as to appear engaged in Very Important Things.


Last Week the Defense Department committed the world’s most formidable military to fighting climate change. That’ll boost morale. U.S. forces are already needlessly stressed because too much defense money gets piddled away on idiocies like environmentally-friendly jet fuel at umpty-nine dollars a pint.

A couple of weeks earlier it was announced that the Department of Homeland Security would turn its attention to—you guessed it!—protecting America against climate change.

This replicates precisely the spectacle of Liberal clergymen getting huffy over fossil fuel consumption and scolding their fellow citizens for planet-killing energy use. You sign up for a job, find out it’s really hard, and move on to an easy but high-sounding substitute with the swell advantage that nobody can tell for sure if you’re failing.

Someday an honest politician will title a memoir, “Easy Choices.” In the meantime, we wonder if the concept of limited government, for so long apparently out of reach, is still as impossible as it once seemed. Nothing and no one could make the case as eloquently as the government’s own floundering.

Obama’s Vengeance Weapon

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borderpatrolWe’ve already been through a couple of years’ worth of the Obama administration  illegally “changing” laws passed by its own congressional majorities, in order to sneak past elections and dodge the political fallout from its offenses against the nation.

The first time or two, the whole idea of ruling by decree might have seemed so unbelievable it barely registered. But somehow this administration doesn’t improve its skills as it accumulates experience. Either they’re getting worse at concealing their ill intent, or they think their teacher union allies have so successfully extinguished all understanding of the principles of American government that they don’t need to bother disguising their plans.

So now, with the Obamites facing the potential loss of their U.S. Senate majority in two weeks—specifically due to widespread revulsion at Obamite policies—they are barely trying to conceal their plans for revenge against America as soon as the November 4 elections are over.

Two stories came out this week, revealing plans to flood the country with presumed Democrat voters, through unilateral amnesty for literally millions of illegal immigrants.

The numbers vary—anywhere from nine million to as many as 34 million people.  Curiously, where mainstream media are concerned, it’s easier to find stories from across the Atlantic Ocean than from here.

The strategy is obvious enough: If American citizens won’t roll over for enviro-fascism, then overwhelm them by substantially altering the population of the United States.  If you can pack the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, why not “pack” the entire populace with your presumed supporters?

We may be witnessing the first presidential administration to do damage to the United States with every action it takes. Repairing the destruction wrought by its vengeance will take a very, very long time.

Forgive but don’t forget

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votecountsOver a Wisconsin election that could have nationwide consequences looms this chilling thought:  With less than two weeks to go, most voters may well be thinking the state’s budget is swimming in red ink and job losses run rampant.

Those things are the absolute opposite of reality, but thanks to massive expenditures by outside Leftist organizations and a malicious media committed to ignoring all Walker administration success, the opposite of reality is that with which most voters may be familiar.

For instance, people who have heard gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke’s twisted version of state finances could be forgiven for believing Wisconsin has a $1.8 billion state budget deficit right now, rather than the half-billion dollar cash balance that actually exists.

People who have seen the wall-to-wall television attack ads being run against Walker could be forgiven for thinking Wisconsin unemployment has gotten worse. In reality, even according to the Obama Labor Department, it’s gotten better.  In fact, Wisconsin’s numbers are better than the nation’s as a whole.

People who see the continuous attack ads could be forgiven for thinking education in Wisconsin has suffered brutal funding reductions, instead of receiving the $85 million increase in general school aids actually delivered.

People who have seen Burke’s attack ads could be forgiven for believing Wisconsin is dead last in Midwest job creation.  Even the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel couldn’t bring itself to ignore that lie.

People could be forgiven for thinking all sorts of things that are wrong. The question is, could you forgive yourself if you just forget to share the straight information with some of those people, and Wisconsin voters who have been systematically deceived wind up making Mary Burke their Governor?

Dumb & Dumber

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marchblobxIgnorance and self-infatuation are deadly when combined, and there’s no easier place to find the combination than a green energy guerilla street-theater production, anywhere.

Madison, not surprisingly, was the scene of one such production last Thursday. A collection of planet-savers gathered outside the Public Service Commission offices to protest changes in the Madison Gas and Electric (MG&E) rate structure.

The Left is using rooftop solar panels to make everyone else foot the bill for greenies’ electricity usage and their use of the grid.  It’s the usual demand: Give them what they want and pay them to take it. But in reality they use the grid both to sell their surplus generation to the utility at exorbitant prices—and to bail them out when their hobbyist equipment doesn’t produce power, like at night. MG&E is proposing to have everyone pay their share for grid upkeep.

Hoping to preserve their racket, the greens picketed the commission. And to give everyone a glimpse of their boundless virtue, they set up an inflatable “power plant”—the dirty, planet-killing thing they pretend they don’t use.  Then the fun started.

Hats off to the MacIver Institute for this.

Candidates of Legend

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disguiseIs any candidate running as a Democrat really who they say they are?

Nobody who’s put their name on a ballot in the history of elective office could have wanted voters to know their every thought or intention. There’s no shame in that: Everybody will object to something. This is different.

And there’s no need to go near embarrassing conspiracy theories about presidential nativity to see how Democrats for a decade or so have created CIA-like “legends” around candidates who advance a different agenda once enough voters are fooled.

In the private-sector entrepreneur legend of Mary Burke, something strange seems to surface every week—and that’s when the fishing is slow.

Last week brought new attention to The Legend of the Trek Bicycle European Sales Numbers, which have varied in Burke’s own telling and which the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel—craving a different governor—gamely spun to offer a little something for everyone.

Like so much in the campaign against Governor Walker (it seems decreasingly plausible to call it “the Burke campaign,”) it’s not the magnitude of any given transgression, but rather an endless stream of penny-ante transgressions that, by step two or three in the attempted repair job, betray a comprehensive emptiness.

This is perhaps to be expected from a generation of baby-boom candidates grown up around the idea that wanting something is all that’s required. The creation of a legend seems designed less to conceal a sinister past than to conceal a vacuous one: Today’s premier Democratic candidates tend to be people who have never done anything, yet claim immense prestige.

Democrats lately have offered a constitutional scholar and a business executive who drifted through those positions without leaving a ripple. Republicans, meanwhile, sent a roofing contractor to Congress.

We’d prefer more roofing contractors.


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Dictionary Series - Politics: attorney generalIs it just unholy coincidence, or is Susan Happ as unserious as her record suggests, where crimes that offend human decency are concerned?  Even the mainstream media haven’t ignored the Jefferson County D.A.’s remarkable string of—at best—bad prosecutorial decisions on heinous conduct.

Thanks to Mediatrackers, there’s yet another example of the Democrat who wants to be Wisconsin’s Attorney General going needlessly soft on a sexual predator.  This is no campaign hit piece, it’s an example of alternative media reporters performing due diligence examining public records.

Combined with Happ’s conflict of interest in shunting aside sexual assault charges against a man with whom she had a land contract, her office’s subsequent effort to silence the victim, and her perhaps overzealous effort as a  defense attorney for a serial sex offender, it’s hard to dismiss a pattern of—again, at best—inattention to the priorities people expect in a state’s top law-enforcement official.

At a lesser level was the miraculous deliverance of ex-Democratic Party P.R. flack Graeme Zielinski, who emerged from  a Jefferson County prosecution convicted of first-offense drunk driving, despite two prior OWI convictions.

Then last week, overplaying the “war on women” theme, the Mary Burke campaign rolled out an anti-Walker TV ad featuring—OOPS!a woman who turned out to be on the wrong end of past domestic abuse complaints. How’s that relevant here?  Susan Happ.

Read that story to the end and you’ll find the best part: They’re getting the band back together. Disgraced ex-Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager shows up again to defend Happ’s and Burke’s bad judgments. At least she has experience with such things.

The Three Amigos have a few more weeks to ride.  Enjoy the show.

The Crisis of Competence

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Fired from JobIt’s been a week like any other—that is, any other in Year Six of the Age of Obama.

Assurances that the Ebola virus won’t come here have the same value as the promise that you can keep your health insurance. The elite law enforcement agency responsible for protecting the nation’s chief executive can’t keep an unbalanced, armed invader from penetrating deep into the White House, and lies about its failures.

Add it up: Our all-but fictional southern border, the known but unchecked rise of ISIS, the chaotic incompetence in reorganizing health care as a government enterprise, the Veterans Administration non-treatment scandals, lummox federal policing of school lunchboxes. The sum total is government pretending to direct all the details of everyday life while demonstrating its incompetence to comprehend, much less manage, any of them.

The most amazing aspect of the past week’s blunders?  Someone got fired!

In a culture where no one is ever responsible for anything—“mistakes were made”—but not by anyone, the Secret Service director must have said something extraordinarily impolitic to be the first one canned.

We wish Barack Obama had invented this, but it’s the inescapable destiny of a culture in which dwindling numbers of people know what they’re doing.  Education systems expect little and demand even less; attitudes are the supreme measure of value. Knowing how—or even whether—things should be done is unnecessary: desiring a happy result is sufficient.  Challenges to comfortable assumptions meet with collective scorn. Such a society is a sitting duck for skilled manipulators who would have its institutions destroy themselves.

Some say this happens to people unacquainted with real hardship. That deficiency may soon be remedied.

Barack Obama didn’t create this system, he is simply the most famous of its defective products.