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Puzzle Pieces, II

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moneypuzzleA few weeks ago we were waxing nostalgic for the days when it seemed prudent to watch events unfold before leaping to conclusions about what political “leaders” were up to. Nowadays, under The Transformational Presidency, by the time events unfold you’re out of luck.

Some unfolding took place while we were off enjoying the holidays.  Bringing recent events into focus, the Washington Post outlined administration plans to govern by executive fiat. Forget that old “three coequal branches” thing.

Readers may tire of us repeating the obvious, that the climate change scam is an example of government selling the idea that we’re causing something that happens naturally all the time, aggrandizing its powers by brilliantly exploiting people’s desire to believe in their own importance. See: roosters causing sunrise.

The Obama administration has nevertheless struggled with this tactical slam-dunk because even Democrat-controlled Congresses have disdained the economic suicide of global warming schemes. But by opting for EPA dictate, the administration can still get a stranglehold on all energy use by business, industry, and individuals. Control that, and you control everything people do.

So how does this bring recent events into focus? Remember Harry Reid and “the nuclear option” last fall? No sooner were the Senate’s filibuster rules plowed under than Reid’s troops confirmed three new Liberal judges, stuffing reliable accomplices of the Obama agenda into the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

Know which court reviews most legal challenges to EPA regulatory abuse?

That unfolded fast, and now former Clinton chief-of-staff and John Podesta is mapping out how best to exploit the hijacking of the judiciary.

A wait-and-see attitude is no longer viable. After five years of an aspiring dictator behaving in all-too-predictable ways, we already know what we’re going to see.

The Bean-Counter Caucus

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keepleftFunny thing, how people who make the loudest proclamations about how skin color and ethnicity have no relevance to a person’s prospects in life, often turn their attention to skin color or ethnicity ahead of anything else.

Along those lines, there were lessons aplenty in the Wisconsin Legislature’s Black and Latino Caucus pondering the admission of White legislators who represent districts with predominantly Black or Latino populations. Apparently unacquainted with the concept of irony, the caucus opened the New Year by saying it would allow Whites to meet with their minority peers, but not to vote on caucus issues.

That could have been enough of a story all by itself, but when you’re in the business of racial credentialing, things get complicated. Questions arose over the Legislature’s newest Hispanic member, State Rep. Jesse Rodriguez, being invited to join the caucus.

If you thought that would be automatic, you probably didn’t realize that Rep. Rodriguez, an actual legal immigrant from El Salvador, is—how to put it politely?—controversial, and not in any of the good ways. Rep. Rodriguez, you see, is (cover the children’s eyes,) a REPUBLICAN!

State Rep. Mandela Barnes (D-Milwaukee), who chairs the Black and Hispanic Caucus, commented for a Racine Journal-Times story about Rodriguez’ potential participation.  Seven paragraphs in, Barnes, no doubt inadvertently, tips us off to what the caucus is all about.    It’s not really about race or ethnicity, it’s about peddling the same old Liberal crud. In this case, race and ethnicity serve as convenient firewalls against criticism of failed policy ideas.

Rep. Rodriguez knows how to offer that criticism.  In the Black and Latino Liberal Caucus it might have been a dose of reality even more unwelcome than voting by White legislators.