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It’s not about health care. It never was.

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chessmoveEver since a two-house Democratic congressional majority rammed Obamacare to passage in the dead of night, it’s been commonplace to hear people ask what they could have been thinking.

Those still groping for an answer may find it helpful to ponder this: It’s not about health care and never was.

Once you realize that nothing Obama ever does is about anything except amassing and consolidating power over every detail of Americans’ lives, it’s easier to see that his administration is not:

  1. Incompetent—it has, after all, advanced its agenda to a frightening degree.
  2. Stupid—it clearly knows exactly what it’s doing.
  3. Socialist—some of its policies have that odor, but by now it’s evident that the only ideological loyalty of the Obama White House is to unbridled power. Forget socialism. It’s megalomania fueled by self-regarding ignorance.

In National Review Online last week, John Fund dogged the trail of a massive political power play disguised as universal health insurance coverage. It’s a chilling story about manipulating people’s life-and-death healthcare concerns to remake them as unquestioning subjects of the regime—and to lock up future elections in the process.

Still not persuaded? Check out this story from California’s Concord County, where half of all Obamacare call center employees will be part time and receive no health care benefits. The  administration is demonstrating that, having scored some cheap political points, it now knows better than to go overboard saddling itself with the liabilities of its own program

And irony of ironies, IRS employees expected to play a key role in administering Obamacare are saying they want nothing to do with the program themselves.

Always assume the Obama administration intends the opposite of what it says, or at least something very different. You’ll rarely be wrong and life will be far less confusing.

Two Stale Cities

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Plunging into Bankruptcy - Financial SpeedometerPerhaps the oppressed “Solidarity Singers” would feel better if Governor Walker and the Republican legislative majorities were to dedicate themselves as energetically as more “progressive” governments in Chicago and Detroit, to impoverishing taxpayers and extinguishing enterprise.

The contrast could hardly be sharper.  Following the Detroit bankruptcy, last Friday brought news of yet another great city in decay, and for some of the same reasons.

Chicago’s credit rating last week saw an unprecedented downgrade, thanks partly to its Detroit-like practice of going in hock to pay public employee benefits.

Meanwhile, Detroit looks to cut its costs by dumping city retirees onto Obamacare rather than pay the unsustainable costs of city benefits.  After destroying their own tax base and draining its remnants,  Detroit progressives would now fob the problem off on other taxpayers. Wish those retirees luck when Obamacare deservedly implodes.

The difference between the cities imperiled by progressivism and Wisconsin—which three years ago was on course to follow them over the brink—are not lost on Charles Krauthammer, who last Thursday condensed the Detroit catastrophe into a brilliant must-read column that includes a bow to Wisconsin’s self-engineered fiscal rescue.

If we may permit ourselves one small quibble with Mr. Krauthammer: In his final paragraph, beginning, “It doesn’t take a genius to see what happens when the entitlement state outgrows the economy upon which it rests,”  strike “rests.” Insert “feeds.”

Imagine you’re a hero…

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heroLast week’s arrests of a couple dozen “Solidarity Singers” who have staged a public nuisance in the State Capitol every day since early 2011, was reported on Madison’s WIBA radio as a “crackdown on opponents of Governor Scott Walker’s administration.”

The left compared the arrests to Tiananmen Square, Nazi Germany and Communist Russian. State Senator Robert Jauch (D-Poplar) was even quoted saying, “I’ve been to Moscow and felt safer than in my own state capitol.”

Chalk it up to their self-absorbed yearning to imagine their dreary lives as the heroic struggle against a murderous tyranny that never mounts a more gruesome reprisal than civil citations, which in Dane County, they’ll likely feel free to ignore.

Much of the main stream media like to ignore the fact that the Capitol Police are merely enforcing public permit rules that have always existed.  Rules that exit in state capitols across the country to ensure that everyone who works in and visits the Capitol can do so safely.  In the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C., groups are not allowed to demonstrate inside the building at all, permit or no permit.

Hats off to the Wisconsin State Journal for telling the singers to move on, even it costs them a couple dozen subscribers.